Rarely has an Australian band received as much consistent and widespread acclaim from critics and music fans alike as the Bondi Cigars. With nine albums under their belt already, and over a twenty one years of constant touring, this award winning quartet have well and truly worked their way into Australia\'s musical heart.
Bondi Cigars Album Cover
  • Narooma 2009 - by Murray Foote


  • Broadbeach 2012 - photo by Dean Baxter
  • Broadbeach 2012 - photo by Dean Baxter
  • Broadbeach 2012 - photo by Dean Baxter

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Blues On Broadbeach 2016

Child In The Desert Review

Child In The DesertThe seventh studio album by the Bondi Cigars is like a carefully crafted cocktail, refined through 26 years of experience and development.

The recipe begins with a base of blues and roots carefully mixed together so that neither element overpowers the other. Then, as the album progresses we begin to get a little more complex and experimental with the additions of some other genres, which the band are clearly respectful of and passionate about, such as funk and R&B.

Across the 12-track offering, Child In The Desert continues to offer up new layers and complexities, which helps to avoid the album becoming entrenched in the sad blues vibe. Bondi Cigars manage to employ an upbeat vibe thanks to the dash of R&B zing.

By Jamie Apps – altmedia.net.au

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New Album “Child In The Desert” now available.

Child In The Desert The Bondi Cigars  latest album is now available from the online shop

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The Cigars spent three days in 301 Studio Byron Bay recording a new album.