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  1. Wendy Millar

    Hi guys. Had the greatest time on Sat arvo/night at Wagga’s Home Tavern – in particular watching you guys. I bought your new CD that afternoon, and was thankful we live over an hour away, so we could listen to it on the trip home. It is really, really good. Hope you make it back this way soon, even better if you can get to Albury πŸ™‚

  2. Rob Griffiths

    Was lucky enough toto see you gguys in Canberra Fri night. Omg what a gig, 2hrsof amazing blues, it was 20 yrsbetween seeing a concert… can’twait for the next one… thankyou.

  3. Thanks for a great gig at the Golden Sands Tavern in Nambucca Heads on Fri 22nd July 2016 – great talking pre-gig and listening to you all – I was realy elated and in awe !!!

  4. Christopher Bell

    Hi Guys,
    Perth is a long way across for a tour…but when are you guys heading over again?


  5. Andrew Hufton

    Just got back from the Blues Festival at Broadbeach. The Cigars were just totally awesome during their Saturday night set absolutely brilliant yet again. Thank you for some of the best blues rock music ever.

  6. Jenni

    Hello Bondi’s n crew!!! WOO-HOO I am so excited! I think my wishes are FINALLY gonna COME TRUE!! I have been harassing my boyfriend to see y’all since I heard a cd of yours THREE years ago when I was in Darwin visiting from America. What a great bluesy rock sound!!! You’re AWESOME, I love your music! I now have 6 of your CDs!!! I am back in OZ travelling around and have just realized you will be playing on the 17th at kings cliff beach hotel!!! I WILL be there and can’t wait to see y’all live!!!
    your biggest fan from NY!!! πŸ˜˜πŸŽ€πŸŽΈπŸ‘πŸ»

  7. Tina

    You guys usually play The Gov around or on Australia Day. Last year it was on 7 March. Missing you this year – please come back!!!!

  8. Tim Swan

    Pumped for Rock the Turf, you guys will bring the storm!

  9. John Maar

    Greetings from 7,000 ft in the middle of the desert (Flagstaff, Arizona)!

    Been a fan since picking up Got The News while on a business trip to Sydney in 1997. On the following two trips, I bought the remaining CDs available at the time. I’ve had to mail order the newest releases, since finding the Cigars here in the U.S. is not easy. I have Child In The Desert on now. Another fine stogie!

  10. Greg Eaton

    Sorry to see you haven’t included Adelaide in your tour. I haven’t seen you guys since Ravensthorpe nickel project – was that 2006? Too long between gigs.
    Regards Greg

  11. kim davis

    I am trying to get a song that I have heard the Cigars play live and thought it was called please dont stand in my way, or at least it has that lyric in the chorus.
    Have been through all the albums and can’t find it, probably its an old blues classic but i can’t find it anywhere, can anyone help?

  12. Dave

    G’Day guys,

    Love the music and would love to see you come to Adelaide sometime. We can’t get enough! I use “Albert’s Alley” to close my radio program each week, and occasionally drop another of your tunes into the mix. They usually go over well. Keep up the great works, hope to see you soon.

  13. brian malseed

    great to see the ‘cigars still going ,first saw band at ‘the Criterion’ in Warranambool, 1990s with Wally Edney and Marco Goldsmith

  14. Phil Buckland

    Loving the new album guys!
    I’m hoping that you will be touring the new album and when you do please don’t forget to come back to Cairns, you were amazing(as always)at the Tanks last time.
    Cheers, Phil.

  15. Chillingham Women

    When are you playing Brisbane? Frank hinted you might be. The girls are up for it! Suze, Bec, Jak.

    • admin

      Nothing for Brisbane at the moment but we are at the Coolangatta Hotel on the 3rd July 2015, check the gigs page for more details. Thanks

  16. Great music guys! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  17. Wizza

    It’s time the Bondi Cigars came to Tassie. A lot of local bands cover your great music. There are plenty of fans down here!!

  18. Dave Fester

    The Cigars are – without a doubt – the best Blues Band in the Land! Can’t wait for the New Album – heard a few at Narooma – You guys were cookin’

  19. Mark Hurst

    Great show at Wauchope RSL last night. Good to see the band having fun whilst entertaining us punters. You guys remain at the leading edge of blues music in Australia. Looking forward to your next visit to the region – we’ll be there.

  20. bryce lumley

    waiting in anticipation for the new album guy’s any date on the release

  21. Darrin Hazell

    Can’t wait to see you again after celebrating our wedding night at Lizottes Dee Why on October 2014. “That’s how strong our love is”! You were awesome that night. We keep checking for news of the new album release date too. Hope 2015 is a great year for all of you. Darrin & Sally Hazell

  22. Steve Blake

    Wandering when the Bondi Cigars 90 album will be available for purchase through the Shop?

  23. Great to meet up with you Shane and Frank after your set at Narooma. A tremendous set and really enjoyed the news songs as well as the perfect set of songs chosen in your repertoire. Sound guys nailed it. Thanks so much.

  24. Hello Bondi Cigars! I love you guys and my band has been covering Intensive care and Leavin’ Thing for many years (hope we do them justice!!!). Would LOVE to see you guys LIVE one day, so I am hoping you guys can come to the US sometime (please, please!!) If I ever make it to Australia, BC will definately be on the itinerary! Keep rockin’ and thanks for so much great music!!!!

  25. Sue

    Love to see you on the Sunshine Coast. :).

  26. Ken Longhurst

    I have been listening and watching The Bondi Cigars for over twenty years and have eight of their albums and felt sorry I missed them at the Gold Coast recently when I turned up on Sunday but the Cigars played Saturday πŸ™‚ lived in Sydney 14 years and now live in Brisbane


    You guys just sound better than ever… The crowd just goes off ( I was sober, so it is fun to watch )…. I think I first saw you live in Canberra.,,.Now that was a long time ago ( at least twenty years )and I have been buying your music and going to see you live since then… Love you guys.. can’t wait to see you live again on the Gold Coast πŸ™‚

  28. Liane

    WOW what a fantastic night of top music once again from Bondi Cigars , Ballina RSL and there was hardly any one there so our gain up and personal.
    Thanks for a great night of amazing music πŸ™‚

  29. Brendan Kelly

    Well guys another sensational night at the Orana Hotel Blacksmiths, already looking for your next gig in the area mind you my 55 year old body takes much more recovery than it used to, mind you I think one of the ladies I was dancing with might have spiked one of my many drinks (haha) . Shane and Eben’s guitar playing is smokin hot .You guys and a few others , one being Kevin Borich are what makes going out a special event.
    Anyway will definitely see you when your’re our area.

  30. Donna

    Travelled down from Ballarat/Daylesford to the Caravan Club Friday night 31/1/2014 and saw you play. Absolutely brilliant. My friend and I had a ball love love love your music. Looking forward to seeing you all play again soon cheers Donz an Paula πŸ™‚

  31. John Horsnell

    I was lucky enough to see you play last night at the Caravan Club. My first time at the venue and also to see the band and was blown away by your music. Loved every note that was played and cant wait for you to come back to Melbourne again

  32. Neil Holbrook

    Great show at the Gov on Saturday night, first time I have seen the Cigars live, my wife and I were really impressed. Who was the bloke who played acoustic guitar before the Cigars. Too many ignorant dickheads in the crowd talking and being noisy to hear him properly but what I did hear was very good.

  33. Winston Galea

    Looking forward to catching up with you guy at The Briars for a few tunes! love you work cheers Winston.

  34. Des Stanley

    I have 2 albums & would love to see B /C live. I travel & work all overAustralia so any venue or date maybe possible. Please keep me updated on concert times & venues

    • Bondi Cigars

      Hey Des

      If you go to the homepage you can use the form to subscribe to our newsletter which we send out every couple of months. The newsletter will keep you informed of any new gigs we have coming up.
      Or if you use Google Calendars you can subscribe to our gigs calendar, the button is at the bottom of the gigs page.


  35. Ruffy

    Been following you since 2006 – got asked to play in a Blues cover band from Melbourne, featuring 4 great Bondi songs-got 5 of your CD’s – never tire listening to your awesome sound – saw you live in Ulladella in Jan 2008-missed you @ Queenscliff some 2 years ago-was sad but had to do a walk 4 cancer. are you really coming to Vic in 2014 – just had to check. could Alan please advise what PJ Bass he loves playing there (hopefully its not an active) with the shorter bottom horn for easy access to the upper frets

  36. Darlene

    When are you guys heading back to the Pilbara? It’s been waaaaay too long between gigs!!

  37. shelley

    come on guys….. i guess we hornsby folk got a little spoilt….. please come back …

  38. Dave Smith

    Holy cr@p it’s been way too long since I heard the Cigars! Got their first CD in the early ’90s and fell instantly in love with their bluesy-boppy style. As a (hack) muso myself I couldn’t help but listen to it constantly – never got sick of their together sound. Haven’t heard them since the separation (yep, she even got the CDs…). Gotta ask my nephew Dan Sultan if he’s jammed it up with these guys, he’d fit right in with them. Too good. Cheers!

  39. Steve Hyatt

    The Bondi Cigars…..a gift to the senses. When are you heading to Perth, can’t wait. Look forward to seeing you for sure. Keep blasting them out, the path is clear from here guys. All the best. Regards Steve H.

  40. Tony Millhouse

    HI Guys just wondering if you are considering coming back to Tassie in the near furture

  41. Anthony Paul

    I’ve been a fan since your first album.

    Hey when are you guys coming to Cairns again?

  42. Ruth

    Hi there,back in 1993 i was detailing a car for my work…i found a cassette tape with nothing written on it under the seat, so i decided to have a listen…that was my amazing introduction to the Bondi’s on one side and the Hippos on the other side.I have listened to your music ever since…wow!! i just love it…puts me in another place…i play Down in the Valley in my car so loud,you are the *best* blues band…hope i get to see you live one day…keep up the great music…Kind regards Ruth…:)

  43. AL

    Hey, stumpled onto you guys in the last 18 months or whatever, giddyup!
    Cant get sick of the tunes. The diversity! Awesome Aussie Admiration. A privilege to play in my mancave.


  44. shelley

    get ur butts back to hornsby area please πŸ™‚ we miss u…

  45. Susan n LesHenry

    Listening to Merci right now love this album Down The Valley πŸ™‚
    When r u coming up to Townsville again??
    Would love it !
    Cheers πŸ™‚


    Looking forward to seeing you guys again at Broadbeach Blues – my brother (another bass player) introduced me to your music back at the old Harbour View Hotel many years ago and have been in love with it ever since.

  47. Amanda Epps

    You guys rocked the Vault..Really hope to see you soon..(and to intro some great women to the blues)…Also great to meet Al Britton regarding Tshirts and bass lessons in the car park lol..Hope to see ya again real soon babes you rock..always..xoxox

  48. sally

    Please play Cry to me at the orana next week !!! πŸ™‚

  49. Dan Lee

    there is nothing better than cracking a cold one and chilling out to the Bondi Ciagrs. Whether you have a bad day or a good one Bondi Cigars always keep the fingers tappin and the feet a shufflin. ABSOLUTELY HANGING OUT FOR A RETURN TO PORT AUGUSTA SA.

  50. Clinton Smith

    Great band, great sound Rock on
    Clinton, long time fan (Johnnos on Sheridan St Cairns 1990)

  51. Jan Milburn

    hey guys- just wanted to say thanx for coming back to Agnes last weekend was awesome as usual – hopefully you’ll be back next year.

    take care………… Jan

  52. Caroline Telfer

    Thanks for a great night at the GOV jan 27th a good night was had by all dont make us wait to long to see you all here again in S.A

  53. Todd

    Thanks for a great gig at The Gov in SA last night. It was wonderful watching so many people in the crowd dance like nobody was watching. You really set some souls free and make a positive and energetic atmosphere at your gigs. I left uplifted after watching a night of grooving, in the pocket music. It was also a treat to see the guys from The Streamliners get up on stage with you. A great highlight.

  54. Jim Urquhart

    Need to get to Brissy boys.Jim

  55. Renai

    We need a sunshine coast visit Please

  56. Hezza

    The band played great gigs at the Queenscliff Music festival. The crowd grooved to the music during their set. Keep rocking.

  57. Colin Sydee

    You guys really wowed the crowd at Patonga- Blues Across The Bay. Bondi Cigars are the best Blues Rock band in Australia today.

  58. Daniel

    Refered by Kelly Lewis Eisaman, and I’m in her debt for that. Bond Cigars Rocks….Awesome! TY!

  59. Caroline Telfer

    When you comming back to south australia guys soon we hope

  60. gini wilson

    loved u guys at the hoey last sunday!!! thanks heaps for signing my cd’s. awesome! please come back to coffs soon!!!!

  61. Annabelle

    Hey guys, long time no see around here Grafton/Yamba way… looking forward to dancing and singing the night away at Yamba. brings back alot of great memories when i play your music.. see you soon

  62. Mark Willis

    G’day Fellas, thanks very much for your brilliant show at the Albany Blues Club last thursday night, it was a blast. Good to see Lez get up with ya’s too. Cheers. Mark W.

  63. Neale Williams

    G’day Guys, It’s been a while since I’ve seen you playing (although I catch up with Shane at the White Hart Hotel in Longwood a couple of years back) and was wondering if you’re planning any gigs around regional Victoria? Particularly around the Euroa/Wangaratta area. Would be good to see you again.


  64. rob

    damn u guys r awesome seen u in mt gambier many yrs ago totatly loved it and have been a huge fan since ur first album…please come back n do a gig there again cheers

  65. Stephen Elliott

    You guys really Rock, One big question, WHEN YOU COMMING TO LITTLE OLD ADELAIDE.

    I am sure you will fill what ever Venue you Pick,

    Love your Music



    • Bondi Cigars

      Hey Stephen,
      Congrats on being the first brave soul to add a comment to the guest book.
      For the last couple of years we’ve been in Adelaide around late January.
      You can subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom of the Gigs page to get notified when we add new gigs, or you can subscribe to the newsletter on the home page and we’ll keep you informed of tour dates and new releases.