32 Quality Premium Cuts – 2006

Bondi Cigars Album Cover

1. Right or Wrong *


2. Ghost Train


3. Howling At The Moon


4. Cry To Me


5. Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You


6. Steppin' In


7. Your A Mystery


8. Path Is Clear


9. Bad Weather Blues


10. The Pain


11. You Get That


12. Calling Card


13. Key To Your Heart


14. Alberts Alley


15. Got The News


16. The Last Man in Town


17. Nobody Sees Me


18. Paris On $10 A Day


19. Intensive Care


20. Life After You


21. Separation Blues


22. Leaving Thing


23. Second Skin


24. Mercy


25. Betcha Don't Know


26. You Can Never Go Back


27. All I Want Is Everything


28. I Can't Sleep


29. Some Other Man


30. Talking Tomstone


31. Tell Me What I need to Know


32. Twilight Walking *




* previously unreleased tracks

A double album featuring favourite songs from this iconic band’s proud history.

This very welcome Cigars retrospective offers a good opportunity to follow a great Australian R&B through 17 years of hard-hitting music that is readily identifiable, and continues to evolve. For the few not familiar with the muscular sound of the Cigars, this is the perfect introduction, while for veteran followers it provides a comprehensive overview, with 2 bonus tracks from the most recent line-up.

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